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Service And Support


We Specialize In           

  • Computer Repair On-Site or at our store
  • Repair to any Brand Computers and Peripherals
  • Most of Our Repairs are Done Same Day or Over Night
  • Computer Networking Service
  • Troubleshooting and Estimate on Repairs
  • Virus & Spyware Removal

As we are dedicated to the preservation of your data and minimal down time of your computer, We complete each repair with professionalism and efficiency. We check your computer for hard ware and software problems and suggest a course of action that would give the best result at a minimal time.

Computer failures are generally of two natures: Hardware or software problems.

If you are experiencing computer freeze up or power shut downs, these can be due to a hardware problem. A defective power supply, memory or even a bad hard drive can cause problems that may appear software related. With the Internet becoming more troublesome to navigate with the risk of infecting with viruses and spyware, which can make computers unstable with symptoms that hard to distinguish whether is a hardware or software failure. We will clean up your system, diagnose and repair with fast and professional service at a very competitive rate.



Networking a home or business to share files, printers or internet, or even adding a wireless network is very affordable now. We can provide you with quality products with on site installations and back it up with our professional team.


Is your computer getting to old and not working the way it used to be?, why replace it, when you can upgrade. We have different upgrade packages from adding memory to replacing major components with different price range that suite your budget.
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